Faramarz Hidaji, MD, ABIHM

Surgical Teaching Missions, Project ORbis

  Dr. Faramarz Hidaji is the founder and medical director of LOTOS. He has lectured internationally, traveling the globe to teach eye surgery to doctors in Mexico, Bangladesh, Niger, Syria, the Philippines, and Peru. Trained as an ophthalmologist, Dr. Hidaji first became interested in alternative medicine during his surgical teaching missions with Project Orbis to some of the least industrialized countries of the world. From firsthand observation, he learned what made inhabitants of these supposedly "less developed" villages thrive: an active lifestyle; simple, unprocessed, fresh food; and a connected community.

  In his capacity as an eye surgeon, Dr. Hidaji, began to take note of the shortcomings of traditional Western medicine in his patients with regard to their declining overall health. He saw children and adults alike being highly medicated without any effort put forth by their doctors to educate them on more natural means of regaining health. His frustration led him to pursue training in alternative health, first with a certification from the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine, and more recently with the Institute for Functional Medicine. He has also trained with renown alternative healer Dr. Norm Shealy and Harvard's Benson-Henry Mind Body Institute.

  Today, Dr. Hidaji runs LOTOS to provide an alternative to individuals that are motivated to achieve greater health, energy, and joy out of life, but who are not getting the help they need from the traditional medical system. Learn more about Dr. Hidaji's Functional Medicine program HERE.

 When he is away from work, Dr. Hidaji is an avid trail runner and amateur astronomer. He and his wife run Hiddenwood Farm, a small scale organic farm in Eads, TN.