functional medicine consultation

Inside every individual is the powerful potential to heal and thrive. At LOTOS, our passion is tapping into that potential. In contrast to traditional medicine, which uses medicines and procedures to patch up illness, we at LOTOS believe in removing obstacles to health, naturally and simply. We empower you to reach your optimal health by unlocking your body’s built in healing power.

The LOTOS Functional Medicine Consultation starts with a thorough interview with you, centering on health history, significant life events, lifestyle habits, motivations, and areas of desired improvement. Dr. Hidaji may also request specific testing (bloodwork, cultures, nutritional panels and body composition measurements) to further understand your health status. Using this information, Dr. Hidaji creates a custom written plan to help you to achieve your goals. This plan will detail aspects of our three pillars of health: Nutrition, Stress Management, and Physical Activity. At our second meeting, the plan will be discussed with you and initiated. During the ensuing month, email and phone contact with Dr. Hidaji and his staff is encouraged. Further appointments are scheduled to monitor your progress and modify the plan if needed.

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